Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This is my ToonTown character, Silly Milton Beaniemuddle. He is running in this picture. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

US Election (I voted for Bush) and Farenheit 911

Yes, that's right, I voted for Bush and I'm proud of it! I'm very glad that he won the election even though so many people were just all out against him. People who were Pro-Kerry were fine with me, every one has a right to their opinion, but what really ticked me off was the sheer amount of people who were just flat out anti-Bush.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but I feel that in this case it was largely parts of the media (Michael Moore) who were telling people to hate Bush because of various reasons including "because other countries don't like him" and other equally stupid reasons.

Speaking of Michael Moore, I have to say that I think Farenheit 911 was just wrong. Let me explain. First off, I am not aware of anyone else in history pulling something like this - releasing a "documentary" that is completely against one presidential candidate shortly before the election.
Secondly to call this film a documentary is just a big freaking joke. Most documentaries I have seen take a given issue (or geographic location, or historical event, etc.) and then discuss the history, background, explore differing viewpoints, present factual evidence, and then let the viewer draw his or her own conclusions. This movie however takes a bunch of media clips and then has a voice-over of one person's opinion and interpretations presented as all factual. Never have I seen such a one-sided completely biased piece of work, other than election mud-slinging campaign advertisements, and at least you know what you are getting when you watch them.
Does he have some valid points? Sure, but in most cases someone like Michael Moore would be considered a wack job conspiracy theorist, but because this guy has produced a couple of movies and written a few books we think that it is great stuff.


I'm just glad Bush won. Take that Michael Moore and you left wing liberals!

Toontown (Part 2) and the ATG

So Toontown is great and all, but it started getting difficult and tedious because it is hard to do many of the tasks on your own, and it is difficult to find people to help you do them. Until I discovered the ATG that is.

See, you can't talk to other players in the game except by using a menu system called SpeedChat. This is so that parents can be free to let their kids play online and no one can ask them where they live or other such information. You are limited to saying things about the game. You can tell people what task you are working on, but it is very limited and difficult to communicate using this system.

There is a way that you can chat by typing to people, but only those who are your "Secret Friends" can understand what you type - everyone else just sees gibberish (actually it comes out as whatever animal you are like "woof woof arf rruff woof rruff") However to protect the kids you can't exchange these codes with someone directly in the game, only outside the game.

So finally I went to Toontown Central - a forum site about Toontown but independently run - and looked under the guild listings. Aha! There was a newly formed guild of 18+ Year Old people called the Adult Toon Guild or ATG. Perfect! I could have fun in the game, have intelligent coversation, and still have fun.

So now I have many "Secret Friends" who I can chat with in the game using typing, and there are usually people to help with these tasks. It is much more fun now. Also, if two toons in the game have a mutual "Secret Friend" then they can share an SF code through that friend so that they can become SFs too, it's great!