Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm going to be an Uncle!

So my brother Rus and his wife Erin are going to have a baby! Which makes me going to be an uncle. Yay! I view it as a "practice kid" which I can do/tell things to and see how it turns out before I try doing them on my children (who aren't here yet and not for a little while).
Congrats to Rus and Erin! We're really happy and excited for you guys!

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The soon to be Mommy and Daddy. Here, Rus is trying to figure out how to get his hamburger back.


At 8:31 PM EDT, Blogger Hannah said...

Congrats on your Uncle status...
You may wonder why this stranger is replying to a post in your blog. Well, I was spammed, apparently you were as well and I replied shortly after you (to the spammers blog.) I snooped around, read your posts and dutifully replied. Besides I am fascinated and inclined to liking "real" people just livin their lives.
Anyhow...keep blogging!

At 10:09 AM EDT, Blogger Big RT said...

I never did find that hamburger...grrr!

At 9:40 AM EST, Blogger thasme said...

Congrats Uncle Monkey...your old pal Jeremy here...I've become an uncle once this year and I'm hoping for a few more before my tail falls off. Drop me an email soon - your wife has my email address...


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