Wednesday, August 18, 2004


So there is this game called Uplink. It is not like other computer games. When you start it, it appears that you are using a computer program with a list of other computers you can connect to. If you connect to a specific computer you can get "missions" of varying complexity and difficulty where you "hack" into other computers to perform various tasks.

For example you may have to hack into the the criminal database and clear someone's record, or maybe hack the acedemic database and change some grades. Later on you may have to steal research from one company and send it to a competitor, or hack a bank and transfer money to another account.

Basically you have to successfully perform these missions, collect the payment, and get faster and better computer parts, which then you can use to do more missions, and so on. Your personal rating goes up as you complete missions which means you can accept harder missions.

This game isn't real hacking, nor does it look like it. It does however strongly resemble "hollywood hacking" - i.e. movies such as Swordfish or Hackers where the "hacking" is all with pretty graphics and such. That's what makes this a truly unique and fun game.

I can't wait to play this game in a public highly viewable spot with some paranoid people nearby.

BWAHAHAHA!!! [Evil Laugh]


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