Saturday, August 07, 2004


Yeah I've got to admit that I am a Stargate: SG-1 fan. I think it is a very interesting show. It is kind of like a mix between the good aspects of Star Trek and the History channel. This latest season (season 8) has been a little disappointing so far. It is still done well, but I think it is missing a lot with Richard Dean Anderson being mostly stuck in the SGC and not going on missions. It almost seems like they are using distraction tactics to draw viewers' attention away from that. We'll see how it goes in the next few episodes.

Next up is Stargate: Atlantis. This is a spin-off of SG-1 where a team of people go on a probably one-way trip to a distant galaxy and then deal with what's there, friends and foes alike, as well as ancient technology that needs to be discovered. It doesn't seem as good as the first couple years of SG-1, but I still like it so far. Again we'll see this how the next few episodes progress.

Oh and one last point - Christopher Judge (Teal'c) just doesn't seem as "Teal'c-y" with hair. I hope he goes back to being bald again. Of course it's up to him, but here's to hoping.


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