Monday, August 09, 2004

Windows XP SP2 Troubles

So I downloaded Windows XP SP2 today. I installed it on a test computer at work; it worked fine. I don't use this computer often, so I played around and it worked really well. So I figured I was ready to test it myself since eventually I will have to recommend it to my organization. So I installed it. Ugh. When it got to the point where it was finished and needed to reboot, I let it. When the computer came back on it did seemingly nothing for about 10 minutes, then I just got a host of errors and it said
Installation Failed.
Oh geez. I restart again. Same thing. Again, a few times, no luck. I try restarting in Safe Mode. It starts doing its then, then nothing changes on the screen for about 10 minutes but the hard drive is churning furiously. Then it restarts by itself. Windows starts normally...or so I think. But it is not to be, most programs don't run, I can't run any MMC files (Microsoft Management Console programs - for administering the computer) and several other problems. This will not work. I gotta get rid of this Service Pack or I'll have to completely reinstall my computer from the ground up. Which I just did a few weeks ago due to other issues. Grrr.

So I fiddle around and I'm finally able to start the Add/Remove Programs control panel (albeit very slowly), select Windows XP SP2 and click Remove. It goes through the process but strangely doesn't ask to reboot. No matter, I do it manually. But no, it didn't take; SP2 is still installed. Hrmm...I take a stab at safe mode and I'm able to start safe mode but again have problems running things and such but finally am able to again start the Add/Remove Programs control panel and start the removal of SP2 again. This time it works and goes through, then asks to reboot. When it comes back up it seems to be working again.

I have noticed a few leftovers however. For example the Automatic Updates tab on the System Control Panel is still the SP2 version, and at first I still had the SP2 Pop-up blocker on my Internet Explorer Tools menu.

My plan is to do a fresh reinstall and then SP2 before any other programs, but that will have to wait until I have some time to reinstall everything.


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