Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fun with Verizon

At my job I handle the IT and Phone related stuff (or as the Managing Director puts it, "Everything with a cord coming out of it), so of course when people lose the ability to dial out they come to me to fix it. One person tells me first that when she dials she gets the error message:

"Doo doo doo; We're sorry The number you are calling from has been disconnected. For assistance, please contact your customer service center. Thank You. K-P-R R-D-D" (Last letters spoken aloud).

OK, WTF??? The number you are calling FROM??? I call our main number to check if it is disconnected; it's not. I call Verizon and some other folks to get it taken care of, and we are still waiting to hear back. Stuff like this happens occasionally, but the number you are calling FROM? Hrmmm...


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